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Do you have questions? We have answers.

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

How can I prevent my faucets from getting clogged?

To prevent your faucets from getting clogged, it is important to regularly clean and maintain them. This includes removing any debris or mineral buildup from the faucet head and aerator. Oakleaf Home Services provides professional faucet maintenance services in St. Catharines and the surrounding areas to help keep your faucets running smoothly. Contact us today for of your faucet needs.

What should I do if my boiler is leaking water?

If you notice a leak from your boiler, it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your home. Turn off the power supply to the boiler and shut off the water supply. Call a professional from Oakleaf Home Services to assess the situation and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

How much does drain cleaning and camera inspection services cost?

The cost of drain cleaning and camera inspection services can vary depending on the extent of the clog and the complexity of the job. Oakleaf Home Services provides professional drain cleaning and camera inspection services in St. Catharines and the surrounding areas. We can provide you with a free detailed estimate based on your specific needs. Contact us today.

What type of water softener should I install?

The type of water softener you should install depends on factors such as the size of your home, your water usage, and the hardness of your water. Some common types of water softeners include ion exchange, salt-free, and dual tank systems. Oakleaf Home Services can help you determine which type of water softener is best for your specific needs.

What is a reverse osmosis system and why would I need one in my home?

A reverse osmosis system is a water filtration system that removes impurities, such as chlorine, sediment, and bacteria, from your drinking water. It can improve the taste, odor, and overall quality of your water. If you have concerns about the quality of your drinking water, or if you simply want better-tasting water, a reverse osmosis system may be a good option for you. Reach out to Oakleaf Home Services to discuss further.

How often do I need to service my water softener system?

It is recommended that you service your water softener system every 1 to 2 years to ensure it is working correctly and efficiently. During a service appointment, a professional technician will check the system's settings, inspect the resin tank, and test the water hardness levels to determine if the system needs maintenance. At Oakleaf Home Services, we offer water softener system maintenance services to keep your unit running smoothly and extend its lifespan.